Illuminate Your Property

Illuminate Your Property

Call J. Bradshaw Electric Inc. to install security lighting in Lancaster, CA

When you have sufficient lighting around your home or workplace, intruders are much less likely to try breaking in. With the right security lighting, you can also ensure that your visitors can see where they're going. Trust J. Bradshaw Electric Inc. to install the security lighting you need.

Our commercial electrical services include installation of outdoor lighting that bathes your parking lot and doorway with light. We can even set up systems with sensors so the lights will only operate when movement is detected.

Protect your property with security lighting. Email us today to schedule installation services in the Lancaster, CA area.

Is it time to upgrade your electric panel?

When it comes to commercial electrical services and lighting, we should be your go-to crew. We can install new light fixtures, repair old ones or handle all your wiring needs. Call today to make a service appointment.