Charge Your Car From the Comfort of Your Home

Charge Your Car From the Comfort of Your Home

Hire us to install your electric vehicle charger in Lancaster, CA

Did you just purchase an electric vehicle? You'll need to install a charger to go along with it. J. Bradshaw Electric Inc. can install any electric vehicle charger in and around Lancaster, CA. We're certified by the top electric vehicle manufacturers, including Tesla.

We'll complete your electric vehicle charger installation service in as little as one hour. To book our services, call us now.

Why hire an expert to install your charger?

Electric vehicle chargers require an adequate power supply, so you'll need a professional electrician to install yours safely. Our team is capable of:

  • Running new wiring to supply power to the charger
  • Adding a new breaker to your electric panel
  • Installing the charger according to manufacturer requirements

Your new equipment will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Reach out to us now to set up electric vehicle charger installation services.